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American Idol 2012 Hollywood Drama Begins

Good day dear American Idol fans! Finally the auditions for the new season are over. We heard enough screeching performances and hysterics of those who didn’t make it to the next round, it’s time for Hollywood round people! The best of the best are there to stay and those who got lucky and received golden ticket will be kicked out. The big crowd of wannabe singers has been winnowed down to a crowd of wannabe superstars. Let’s recap some of the stuff that happened in the first episode of American Idol Season 11 in Hollywood.

The judges were first to step on the stage and Ryan tells us how it’s going to happen. Singers divide in groups of 10. Everyone sings a couple of verses and half of the contestants go home today. Randy yells “Season eleven is ON!” and we get straight into the action.

First contestant to perform is Johny Keyser from St. Louis. After impressing the judges with his soulful singing, judges decided to leave him and he’s through to the next round of competition.

Phillip Phillips barely made it to the next round. He surely has got some talent, but he really needs to drop those weird faces when he sings.

Surprisingly, but Jane Carrey got booted. Even despite her being a daughter of a famous actor, she still gets kicked out. Awful performance it was. Nice job Idol!

David Leathers Jr, a 17-year-old, sings Celine Dion and gets round of applause from the audience (competitors), even Randy couldn’t hold it in and gave a loud “WOOT!” during middle of his performance. David’s in to the next round.

It wouldn’t be a true American Idol if we were shown only good performances. We see some bad ones too, some really awful. We could also see some people begging. That was not pretty at all.

Let’s see what Friday episode brings us! I liked this episode and I it’s obvious American Idol’s ratings are starting to rise once again!

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